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Old irons! Did you make some tips for manipulating wire ropes?

The steel wire rope is a helical wire bundle that meets the requirements of mechanical properties and geometric dimensions. The steel wire is twisted together according to certain rules. The steel wire rope is composed of steel wire, core and grease. A steel wire rope is a rope that is first twisted into multiple layers of steel wire, and then centered on the rope core, and twisted into a spiral by a certain number of strands. In material handling machinery, it is used for lifting, traction, tensioning and carrying. The steel wire rope is high in strength, light in weight, stable in work, not easy to break suddenly, and reliable in work.

The operating wire rope should be inspected before use. The scope of inspection: pull the wire rope for wear, rust, stretching, bending, deformation, fatigue, broken wire, and exposed degree of the rope core to determine its safe lifting capacity (including scrap).

Maintenance precautions for manipulating the wire rope

The life span of the wire rope has a great relationship with the method of use. Therefore, it should be used in accordance with the regulations. It is forbidden to overload or tow the wire rope at sharp angles and sharp changes in the lifting speed. Impact load;

When the wire rope has rust and dirt, use a wire brush to remove it and apply oil;

⑶ Wire rope is oiled once every 4 months. When oiling, soak the rope core with hot oil (about 50 ℃), and then wipe off excess grease;

⑷ The steel wire rope should be placed in a clean and dry place after being coiled, and should not be stacked to prevent sprains;

The end of the wire rope is fastened with steel wire or welded with a low melting alloy, and it can also be fastened with an iron hoop to prevent the rope from loosening;

⑹ In use, if there are oil droplets on the surface of the wire rope, it means that the wire rope has been subjected to considerable force. At this time, the load should be stopped and checked, and a new wire rope should be replaced if necessary;

The carrying capacity of the traction wire rope should be 5-8 times the total traction.

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